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Terry Malmsberry from Ohio, USA...2 year returning hunter  in 2015

Phone: 330-565-4376

Rob , I want to thank-you for your hospitality once again ! I finally bagged a black bear and I have to tell you that it was as great an experience as I had anticipated. I know that you were fighting a bad cold and it never slowed you down . Once again I would recommend your outfit to anyone interested ! Thanks again ! Terry

Kevin Keating from Texas, USA
Phone: 832-370-8544

I really enjoyed my time spent bear hunting with Rob @ Canadian Black Bear Outfitters in Nova Scotia. Meals were excellent, accommodations were comfortable. The game cameras showed that there were some really big bears hitting the bait sites.  I would definitely recommend anyone to book a hunt with Rob, he will take good care of you.
Kevin Keating
Hunted September 2015

Shaun Stratford from Ontario, Canada
Phone: 905-978-7691

I run a company in Hamilton Ontario and was hired to do some work in Nova Scotia. I thought it was a long shot but I'd try some outfitters and see if I could sneak out to do some bear hunting. Nobody returned my call so I thought I'd give it one more shot. I contacted Rob as a shot in the dark, as I found him online, boy I'm glad I tried him. My schedule was very dodgy forcing me to stay intown and not on site. Rob was amazing from the moment I met him. He took me in at a more than reasonable rate (I should probably send him more $$$). Right away I felt like he was one of the boys from back home. We got to camp and he took me out put me in a stand. The Bears must have winded me cause they were everywhere. I was bow hunting so distance was limited and I couldn't get a clean shot off. His stands are positioned perfectly for left or right handed shooters. Everything about that stand was perfect except the hunter lol. The following night work kept me away but he offered another night as he could see my passion and frustration from the night before. Most people don't offer anything for free, goes to show the kind of individual he is. The last night he was overly frustrated trying to think of the perfect stand to put me in. Having played the wind and going on a pure experienced gut feeling Rob picked a new stand stating there had been great action there. Well ol' boy kudos to you. That night I shot my first bear and with my compound bow to boot. All I can say is a much needed experience was had and appreciated. I said it to you then and I'll say it now. You'll probably forget me but I'll never forget you pal. Can't wait to see you again next year!!! Second week I'll take it. If your looking for a once in a lifetime experience call Rob he'll take you in and take care of you. I don't usually hug men but that weekend in the forest I hugged him. But then again what happens in the forest stays in the forest.

Name: Gino Montague from Texas...2 year returning hunter in 2016
Phone#: 817-777-9615

Can't say enough about the experience I had in Nova Scotia on my Black bear hunt. Canadian Black Bear Outfitters was the way to go. Thanks to Rob Bland for his knowledge on the bears and their habits. Rob with a great attitude while joking around at camp and a great chef that kept us fed well along with doing everything he could to make my stay the best that it could be. Rob also has a serious side, he always believes in being very safe conscious for the hunter and the ethical treatment of our harvest. I can not forget to thank Ms. Kim, "the better half of Rob" for her hospitality and kindness to a Texan. LOL. Everyone I met through my journey while there were very welcoming and just a pleasure to visit with. My bear weighed 250 lb's and may be scored in the Pope and Young record books if his skull measures up. Dan, another great guy and hunter there the same time with me, felt the bear could make the cut.

MARTIN MORRISON...3 year returning hunter in 2016

I found this hunt online,spoke with Rob Bland the owner and guild.SO I BOOK THIS HUNT TO GO TO NOVA SCOTIA,and schedule a pickup by Mr Bland.He was ay the airport waiting for me and then drove about 90 minutes ride to his home.His wife had prepare a great turkey dinner for myself and the other hunter Mike.We then drove to the camp.I was impress how well the camp was maintain and the accommodations were good.Rob did all the cooking which was great everyday and work the hardest to get me and Mike a bear.On the first night i shot a large bear,and couldnt find it.on the third night Mike shot another large bear with his shotgun and couldnt find it.Rob work very hard for all the bears that were hitting the baits AND TRY PLACING US THERE.This hunt was great even though i did not come home with a bear.The bears are there and you must definitely try this hunt.I would recommend this hunt for every one,i will definitely come back.rob is a great guy and guild. He spends all his time on the hunters and safely in his camp.

Dan Henneberry from MA...6 year returning hunter in 2017

Phone number: 508-883-8835

Email address:

Just a little note to thank you for a good hunt for 2013 bear season, harvested a nice bear on the second day of the hunt and saw eight other bears in the two days. Thanks again. Dan H.

Name: Nate Malmsberry from Ohio...2 year returning hunter in 2015
Phone number: 330-501-3631
Email address:

I would be happy to be a reference for you. As for my comments, I enjoyed the trip and was very happy with how welcoming and friendly everyone was. We were made to feel like family and it was a very nice relaxed atmosphere. The camp has a very intimate feel that allows for the classic hunting camp camaraderie. The activity on the bait sites was excellent which made it fun and bearable (no pun intended) to sit for extended periods of time.

Thank you

Name: Mike Dupler from Ohio...2 year returning hunter in 2014
Phone number: 614-530-2481
Email address:

The hunting experience I had with Rob was beyond my expectations . Along with great food and good company, he took care of us as if we were family . The care and professionalism used to maintain the expertly placed bait sites insured that we had a quality and successful hunt . If someone is seriously considering a bear hunt , you have found your guide .

Thank You
Mike Dupler

Name: Terry Malmsberry from Ohio...2 year returning hunter in 2015
Phone number 330-537-3016
Email address:

Nate and I could not have had a better time !!! We enjoyed the friendships we have made with not only you annd your brother, but also with Dan. We arrived with you and Allen being our outfitters, and we left feeling that you are our friends.
I was pleased and surprised to see how hard you worked to give us a successful hunt,
bating everyday and checking cameras, I was in hopes when we arrived that I would get to see a bear in the wild , but thanks to your efforts I saw 4 !!!! I had my chance at harvesting a bear and I am grateful for that.
When someone asks me how I liked your camp and would I go back, my answer is IN A HEARTBEAT !!!
Rob, if there is anything in this mail that you would like to use, please do so ..
Thanks for a truly awesome hunting experience. Your Friend Terry

Name: Kenneth Fincher from Texas in 2016

Phone number  817-713-6054

Email address:

I recently hunted with Rob in 2016, he did a great job

of putting me on a good bear. He has a great cabin

and hunting area . Rob does a good job of making

hunters comfortable and familiar with all the rules

and laws to keep them safe when hunting with him.

I would highly recommend Rob and Canadian Black

Bear Outfitters, if you are looking for a Bear hunt.

Thanks for the great memories Rob.

Ken Fincher-Texas

Dan Henneberry from MA...6 year returning hunter in 2017

Phone number: 508-883-8835

Email address:


"Ya you can use me as a reference, but i might reference myself right out of a place to hunt Ha Ha"

Gary Bradford from 2012

Phone number: 740-336-0954

Email address:


"I'll try to put into words how my first guided hunt, my first black bear hunt and my first trophy black bear went with the Canadian Black Bear Outfitters. I just don't know where to start, Rob was there for me from the time my plane landed in Nova Scotia till I checked my baggage back in at the airport a week later. He and his wife Kim are two of the greatest people you'd ever want to meet and have nothing but your best interest in mind way before you get there and even after you get home.

The camp is how a camp should be, way out in the bush, secluded, clean, comfortable and a very good time. Rob will make sure you won't go hungry either. The food is good down home cookin and plenty of it.

When it comes to the business at heart, well Rob puts his heart into it. The bait sites are kept to a strict schedule and plenty of bait for the bears to eat. The cameras at the sites catch all the action and there is alot of it. The bears seem to like what Rob's feedin them. There were 13 different bears in a 3 week span caught on the cameras.

I know Rob loves what he's doing and it shows, cause when I took my 400+ trophy on my first day of the hunt, I'm not sure who was more excited myself or Rob.

You can't go wrong with The Canadian Black Bear Outfitters and I'll be back again. Simply put, it's just good stuff!"

    Name Troy Skinner, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Phone 902-539-5780

    2017 Bear Hunt

 Rob Many thanks on a fantastic hunt. You have a great location with lots of bears. There appears to be a healthy population in your area which makes for a successful hunt and in my case this was also very successful. Your knowledge and understanding of the bears and your set up is second to none. The tree stands are positioned very well for bow hunting and or rifle, with easy access. The camp accommodations are great and your hospitality is as well. I would highly recommend Black Bear Outfitters for anyone looking for a unique and positive hunt. Many Thanks Troy

Peter J. Mays from Clinton, Pennsylvania

Phone:  (412) 855-5808


2017 Black Bear Hunt

Dear Rob,

I wanted to thank you sir, Donnie and Kim for making my black bear hunt one of the best hunts ever.  You all left nothing to be desired!  Everything was great from the food to the lodging and scenery.  There were bears everywhere..even coyotes & bobcats!  I especially liked the fact that both my guides had tons of experience when it came to hunting and processing black bears too!  Nothing is more frustrating than an inexperienced guide and that was definitely not the case here.  I like the fact that you didn't rush me and you gave me time to get acquainted with the wildlife.  I've never been comfortable with going into a new landscape and just tagging out immediately.  I like taking my time and surveying the situation before I target a certain animal.  Rob & Donnie both were patient with me as we studied trail cam pictures and stra-tee-gerized the bringing down of a giant.  Patience paid off and I drilled a monster with a beautiful coat and white-V on my second to last night.  Rob & Donnie helped with the processing of the entire animal and even recommended a taxidermist who processed my skull and hide for a very reasonable price right there in Nova Scotia!  I would definitely recommend Canadian Black Bear Outfitters to anyone who is interested in hunting black bears and spending time in the beautiful wilderness that Nova Scotia has to offer.  Last of all...a special thanks to your better half, Kim, for the excellent food!

Marty Leatherwood from Oklahoma

Phone:  732-330-7951


2017 Black Bear Hunt


Sorry for the delay and appreciate the pics.  You can copy and paste this if you would like to your website. 


Me and my good friend, Chris decided to go on a bear hunt and I'm glad we did. Rob and Donnie were great! I had such a great time and couldn't ask for a better guide/host. Chris and I both achieved our goals of getting a black bear with our bows. This was a hunting trip of a lifetime and we both agree we couldn't of had better company while in camp. For me this was a great hunting trip but also was the most relaxing trip I have been on. Being able to get away without a phone was priceless. I would certainly recommend Rob to anyone and don't forget to get you a donair while you are there. Thank you again!   


Chris Baird from Texas

Phone:  817-228-3253


2017 Bear Hunt

This hunt was everything I was looking for. It was a great memory with a best friend of mine. It was very professionally put together by Rob and Donnie. It was also without a doubt the most relaxed I've been in a long time. Big thanks to Rob, Kim and Donnie for showing us a great time and a successful hunt. I'll recommend this hunt to everyone that asks, as long as I'm not trying to re-book for that season! See you again soon! 


Chris Baird- Justin, Tx

Johns Bear 2018

John Domas from Louisiana

Phone Number: 504-220-6888


2018 Hunt 

Hunting with Canadian Black Bear Outfitters was the perfect experience for an avid outdoorsman like myself.

Rob is a knowledgeable guide who is focused on safety. Two attributes that are important when hunting for big game.

The camp's location and decor are for the true hunter. Don't come if you want "white table cloth service," but definitely come if you want excellent bear hunting, good food and lots of it, in a comfortable setting where you will be surrounded by other passionate hunters like yourself.


Kind Regards,



Heikki and Sampo from Finland

Heikki and Sampo Jauhiainen from Finland

Phone: 011 358 40 7501352


2018 Hunt


“I applied tension to my bow, aimed and took a shot, and the arrow went over the bear”

I started practicing with recurved bow seven years ago and soon it became clear to me that this is my kind of bow. It is very traditional way of hunting and is based on pure instinct. Shooting recurved bow requires constant practicing and endless repetitions.

In the spring of 2018 we got to know that it would be possible for us to participate in bear hunt in Nova Scotia Canada. I thank Rob for giving us this opportunity. He has a great location with lots and lots of bears. Other hunters, my brother Sampo and our quide Don made the hunting experience unforgettable.

The first arrow I shot went slightly over the bear. The bear was taken aback and he looked around in amaze, but yet stood still. This gave me a second change to try – I applied tension to my bow again and took a shot. This time it went right through the bear. He went down at some 15 meters away. Only successful shots count, as we say in Finland.

Finally I would like to give special thanks to Tuomo, who crafted my wooden arrows and gave me very good advice.

”low profile” -Heikki


Gino Montague from Texas.....3 year returning hunter in 2018

Email address:

Phone Number: 813-777-9615


2018 HUNT



Thank you Rob, Canadian Black Bear Outfitters, for another trip with lasting memories.


Rob, sorry it took so long.  I hope you like the letter.  Give Ms. Kim a hug from us here in Texas.  Hope everyone is well.




This was my third trip to Nova Scotia for a black bear hunt.  However, this one was even more special because this time, I made the trip with my son.  We drive, so I enjoy the time talking and listening to the things he has to share in his life.  A father son bond is always priceless

When we arrive, of course, the warmth and hospitality of Ms. Kim is always something to look forward to, making you feel like family and you're at home, Rob's ok too.  LOL.  

Now when we get to Camp, the famous "Captains Lodge", it's Rob's turn to take over.  Rob is by far, one of the best host, guides, cooks and friend anyone would be lucky to know.  Camp is always a great time with sharing stories and having fun.  

I was not successful during this hunt, however, no one can guarantee the weather.  On my last day, I was lucky enough to watch a MONSTER black bear come in, it was just too dark to see my pin placement to shoot.  I will not take a chance on any shot no matter how big the bear is.  But I will tell you, I had to sit and put my bow down once because I was shaking so bad, he was BIG, 400lbs plus, I promise.  I was able to draw on him one time but he never presented the shot I needed, he will live another season.  My son had such a great time, he wants to take me next time and I can't wait to do it again.


Thank you Canadian Black Bear Outfitters for another trip with lasting memories


Gino from TX.

Jonathon and bear(1).jpeg

Jonathan MacLean from Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada

Email address:

Phone Number: 902-754-7431


2020 HUNT

Awesome experience! That’s all I have to say about my first hunt with Canadian Black Bear Outfitters.

First day.... 15mins in and it was all over . Thanks to Rob and his knowledge of the area and bears. He had me in the
stand  (bear down) and back  relaxing at his bear camp in less than an hour . Great food ...tons of laughs and all
around great first guided bear hunt .



Jonathan Maclean ... Inverness Cape Breton

Jonathon MacLean, Inverness, Cape Breton, N.S. 2 year returning hunter in 2021

Phone: 902-754-7431



What can I say that I haven’t last year …. Second day in on my Canadian blackbear hunt with rob, past on two bears late afternoon and this guy came in with a hour left in daylight . Rob and Donnie are the two best guys a hunter could have looking after them . Food was second to none and rob knew what time and what stand I should be in for best results .


Thanks for everything,

John Maclean …. Inverness Cape Breton 

Dennis Gareis, West Virginia, USA 

2021 Hunt

Phone: 304-279-2178



  I would highly recommend Canadian Black Bear Outfitters to anyone seeking a high quality bear hunt. The owner/operator,Rob Bland,has a very high level of expertise in attracting bears to give a hunter his best chance of success. Rob puts in plenty of hard work both before and during the season. He handles the bear professionally after getting it back to camp too. I enjoyed the friendships made while there, and the food is excellent. Looking forward to going back next year!  


Dennis Gareis,

Martinsburg West Virginia 


Todd Williams

Maryland, U.S.A.

First year hunter in 2022

Phone: 410-322-7003


 First, Thank you to our Guide and owner, Rob Bland of Canadian Black Bear Outfitters . Wow, what a great week. This was a bucket list hunt and Rob n Donnie made it happen. So grateful for this opportunity. Thanks for supporting my passion Ursula Schotz

Dennis 2.jpg

Dennis Gareis

West Virginia, U.S.A.

2 year returning hunter in 2022

Phone: 304-279-2178

Email address:

 Back from a bear hunt in Nova Scotia. Despite the best efforts of Rob Bland and Canadian Black Bear Outfitters I had no luck as the rain and hurricane approaching obviously effected my chances. Still had a great time and going back next year.

Dennis Gareis

Lances Bear.heic

Lance Banfield

from Rhode Island,U.S.A. 2 year returning hunter in 2022

Phone: 401-595-3923


Hi Rob,


Thanks for the great time!  Looking forward to hunting with you again!  Thanks for keeping me on the bears! 

Lance Banfield

Jim Bear.jpg

Jim Tappero

Rhode Island, U.S.A.

3 year returning hunter in 2023

Phone: 401-578-0277


Hey Rob,


Just a quick note to thank you for another amazing trip to Nova Scotia hunting bears with you and Donnie.  Even though we had to deal with some poor weather and heavy rain conditions this year, I saw bears every sit with multiple shot opportunities with my bow.  When I finally decided to take the shot, I was lucky enough to harvest my second black bear ever, an experience I won’t soon forget!  I’m looking forward to spending time in camp with you guys this fall and hopefully coming home with a cooler full of bear meat again.  My wife has decided that bear meat is officially her absolute favorite meat ever and made me promise to fill the freezer every year, so it looks like you’re going to be stuck with me for a while!



Jim Tappero

Rhode Island U.S.A

Dennis Gereis

West Virginia, U.S.A.

3 year returning hunter in 2023

Phone: 304-279-2178


         I have had the pleasure of hunting with Canadian Black Bear Outfitters three times already and look forward to going back again this fall. The owner/outfitter Rob Bland runs an excellent operation and everything is first class.


       Rob has tremendous expertise in attracting bears and puts in a lot of hard work before the hunt. He does everything possible to give you your best chance to harvest a bear. The food is excellent and I made many great friends there too .

Dennis Gereis

West Virginia, U.S.A.

Robert Planty

Halfmoom, N.Y. , U.S.A. in 2023



        My buddy and I had a great time with Donnie and Rob of Canadian Black Bear Outfitters.  They took great care of us and worked hard to be sure we were on bears.  By the end of my second sit I had already seen 7 different bears and filled my tag with a great bear.  Donnie did a great job cooking 3 meals a day.  The cabin is rustic and comfortable and best of all off grid which is super relaxing.  The whole experience was awesome!  I would highly recommend this hunt to anyone looking for a quality bear hunt.



Rob Planty

Halfmoom, N.Y. , U.S.A.

Shawn Coston

Stamford, N.Y. U.S.A in 2023

Phone: 607-267-8456


I hunted with Rob at Canadian Black bears Outfitters in  the fall of 2023. I have been  on a lot of hunts in the US and Canada. By far, this is one of the best hunts that I've been on. Rob's camp is remote and very quiet. I went with Rob in the mornings checking and filling baits. Every bait site was active with multiple bears hitting them. Rob runs a great camp and Donny fed us great.

If you are looking for a true hunting camp atmosphere, this is the place to go. Rob treated us like old friends, not like a client. I will be going back again and I can't wait.

Me and my buddy harvested our bears along with Dennis, the other hunter. A great time was had by all. I hunt.would highly recommend hunting with Rob if you are looking for a Nova Scotia hunt.


Shawn Coston,

Stamford, N.Y. U.S.A

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