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Dennis Bear
Jim Bear
2023 Bears 1
2023 bears 3
2023 bears 2
Times at the Camp
Day Time Good
East Bora Big Bear Aug 28
East Bora Big Bear
Haggards Boar
Haggards Sow with cub
Bora Lake August 4th
Jonathon and Troy
Aivar from Estonia 2019
Seppo from Finland 2019
Kaido from Estonia 2019
Nice Bear 2019
Couple Nice Bears 2019
Nice Bear 2017
Johns Bear 2018
Heikki and Sampo from Finland
The Boys 2018
Father & Son Team 2018
Tag Filled 2017
Siblings hit site
Troy 2017
Peter 2017
Marty 2017
1st day bear pic
Chris Baird and bear
Another nice buck 2016
Another nice buck 2016
Huge sow with 3 cubs
Trophy Buck 2016
Terry's Mount  2015
Gary's rug and skull 2012
Gino's rug and skull 2014
Nates Bear Rug 2013
Jason with bear
Kevin's bear 2015
Dan with bear 2016
Bear Vitals
Forgot to reset date on camera
Ken with bear 2016
Gino from Texas
Nice Buck
Nick's First Buck
1 of 8 Bears on First Night
Beautiful rug and skull
Forgot to change date on camera
Celebrating the harvest
Biggest Sow
Filippo with bear 2012
Terry's harvest 353 lb boar
Father & Son Team
432 lb Boar
Big Bear
My Buck
Nice Buck
Marty with bear 2016
Nice buck across from Captains Inn
Big Fella heading to bait
Nates Bear
251 lb boar 2014
Flashback with family



Moose Hunt Everyone.jpg
2019 Moose Hunt.jpg

Successful Guided Moose Hunt, Cape Breton 2020

Successful Guided Moose Hunt, Cape Breton 2019

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