Guided Services

  • Airport Pickup & Drop off for a nominal fee of $100.00

  • Daily Baiting

  • Transportation to and from stand

  • Cleaning and skinning of your game

  • Fishing for small brook trout.

  • Local Taxidermist information is available

  • All meals included with the package

  • Lodging for 6 nights and 5 days included


Check out the size of these black bears visting our bait sites!


Double “B” guide, Rob Bland, has been outfitting since 2011. He offers a specialty hunt for Black Bears or Whitetail Deer. Personally, he has had a 100% success ratio over the past 8 years and offers his experience to guide other Black Bear or Whitetail Deer hunters. He has over 45 years of hunting experience, with a specialty on Black Bears since 2003. The camp is located in Laggan, Pictou County, Nova Scotia with a very high population of Black Bears.  The camp borders on over 100 acres of blueberry fields, offering any hunter a great opportunity at taking one of the most elusive wildlife animals in their own natural habitat. 

Up to the end of September, fishing is available after the camp tags out and all animals are processed. There are 2 small lakes within 2 kilometers (1.5 miles) of the camp which have an abundance of small brook trout. The season only allows for catch and release but you can still enjoy the fight of small brookies at the end of your line. Everything, including spinning rods and spinning tackle will be made available to enjoy your day (s) on the lake.

Stands are available for both bow hunting and rifle. All bait sites are started well before the arrival of any clients. These stands are strategically placed on high ground with shots no further than 30 yards for bow or rifle.